Does this happen to you?

Today a funny thing happened. Well, when I say funny, I don’t mean hysterical, but I smiled to myself when it happened.

I imagine we all have songs that take us back to a place, or remind us of a particular holiday, or crazy friend who has a strange dance move to a particular party anthem. And when you hear it, you can’t help but smile and reminisce about an awesome memory while you were having the time of your life.

Well, it happened to me today, while I was heating up my Mi Goreng for lunch (yep, that’s me, the classy one with 2 minute noodles in the lunchroom!)

I was waiting patiently for the noodles to cook, when all of a sudden I was transported to the bustling islands of Croatia, fist pumping, sweaty, handing out shots and dancing on the bar with 30 of my newest best friends in Hvar.

I’d say there’s about 20 European party tunes that instantly take me back to my Croatian summer.

It’s crazy how one minute you can be chilling out in your 9-5 office job, pottering around quiet and content, and then one song changes everything and pushes you straight into memory lane.

That’s the best thing about music, it can always take you back to another life, a time of great memories and special moments, and I am grateful for that.


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