Getting sick while travelling: it’s a total bugs kill!

We’ve all been there: You’ve had a few days in a new place, you’ve tasted new foods, drank their national drink, and been a bit too adventurous with the street food. Then suddenly, you awake feeling like death warmed up, hugging the toilet and unable to leave your room.

Well I’ve definitely been there. In fact, I think its fair to say I’ve been ‘there’ in about every country I’ve been to in the last two years!

For some reason, bugs love me, food disagrees with me and sun burns me. And when I say bugs love me, I mean it’s like I have a magnetic device attached to my head that says “tasty.”So much so, that my boyfriend knows that as long as I’m there, he doesn’t need to apply insect spray. Seriously.

I always thought of myself as a tough traveller, with a curious sense of adventure and a strong stomach. In reality, I do like to try new things and go to new places, but when I do, nature always seems to find a way to make it difficult for me to push through without overcoming some bite/virus/sickness or hiccup. But I try. And I always forget about the pain I endured when optimistically booking my next trip.

So, after just returning from Bali, I thought it was time I started taking my own advice and shared some tips with you for avoiding this discomfort, and give my recommendation of must haves in the first aid kit!

  1. Gold Cross Calamine Lotion.
    This is seriously gold. No matter what bites you – it will ease the sting and stop the itchiness that leads you to scratching and getting your bites infected
  2. Lavender Oil
    This is similar to Calamine lotion, and is great for stings, cuts (and bluebottle cuts!)
  3. Hydralyte 
    This has saved me more than once, and is especially useful if you have been vomiting or suffering from heat stroke or dehydration. Having some sachets in your bag means you don’t need to endure the pain of going to the pharmacy and trying to mime dehydration to the assistant who doesn’t speak English, and will allow you to rest and recharge without stress.
  4. Panadol  
    Not only great for hangovers and a queezy stomach, this is my go to when im feeling a little worse for wear
  5. Malaria tablets
    Prior to travel, I recommend checking if there are any Malaria warnings for the country and if so, speak to a travel doctor about organising some tablets to take whilst there.
  6. Insect Spray with a high deet value
    – while the high deet is not great for your skin, if you are going to a swampy area, with a DEFINATE chance of mosquitoes, I think it’s a fair trade off to potentially save yourself from Malaria and itchiness for the sake of an unpleasant smelling spray. (I personally love Bushmans’)
  7. Band aids
    You never know when you will stubb your toe or cut something. Having band aids on standby means the cut doesn’have to be exposed to infection. Buy the fabric ones as they are usually stickier so will stay on longer!


2 responses to “Getting sick while travelling: it’s a total bugs kill!

  1. Hydralight is so key. I was so sick I couldn’t keep the anti-nausea pill down… I was so weak but the tables were like drinking liquid energy!

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