12 signs you’ve been to Oktoberfest

  1. Every time you hear the song “hey baby” (ooh, ah) you want to stand on the nearest table and prost the closest person!
  2. While you’ve eaten enough pork knuckles to last a lifetime, you still get a bit excited whenever you see it on a menu!
  3. You know the words to “Schwim, Schwim, Schwim …”
  4. And actions.
  5. You own a dirndl or lederhosen (even though it was years since you were actually there)
  6. You’re go to dress up outfit it your dirndl (because hey, you need to get you moneys worth!)
  7. You know the true meaning of camping
  8. Every September you find yourself reminiscing about the delicious strong beer of the Lowenbrau tent and wish you were suddenly back in Munich
  9. You’ve skimped on shower coupons at the campsite, because hey, that could add up to another stein!
  10. You know that when the official tents finish for the night, there will be a kick ass party back at the tent.
  11. You opt for a German sausage instead of a reheated sausage roll as your drunken go to food after a big night!
  12. You attend the yearly Oktoberfest celebration at your local pub, in the hope of reliving the joy shared all those years ago.Beerfest Munich

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