Adjusting back ‘home’ after living abroad

At some stage in our travel journey there will be a time where you’ve either run out of money, need some TCL, or choose to turn in the towel to recoup before jetting off on the next adventure. You decide to come home. Don’t get me wrong, while it’s great seeing friends and not living out of a suitcase, it can be hard trying to adjustment into ‘normal’ life after being away for a while.

Below is a list of the things I found hard to adjust to, after returning home after a few years abroad.

There’s not something on every night

After living overseas, travelling through Europe, backpacking through Southeast Asia and couch crashing in London, you get used to a certain social lifestyle. Places like London, Berlin, Amsterdam and many other European cities are always buzzing with activity any night of the week. Its hard to adjust to a sleepy Brisbane on a Wednesday evening.

People aren’t too interested in going out mid week

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as you get home and try and organise a mid week catch up with old friends, it seems your suggestions are often met with polite excuses for why they would prefer to stay in. While I had a job whilst travelling where I needed to show up on time the next day, there’s something about returning to ‘work’ in Australia that makes people feel like they need to behave and stay in on a tuesday night! Definitely hard to adjust to.

Your job (no matter what it is) will seem boring 

After being carefree without a stress in the world, it is always going to be a struggle finding inspiration at your office desk while day dreaming about your recent adventure.

It (sometimes) takes a lot of effort to catch up with friends

After living a sponteneuous, live in the moment, anything goes kind of lifestyle, it can seem like such an effort trying to coordinate everyone for a proper catch up. We tend to forget that every while we were away people got on with their lives and things changed, people had kids, and moved interstate. So, catching up for a coffee can sometimes seem like organising a huge gala event!

Your closest friends are scattered around the globe.

While coming home means you get to see your family and childhood friends who made the cut into your adult life, it can be hard coming to the realisation that many great friends whom you shared amazing memories with, will become memories in themselves. While its important to keep in contact via social media channels, this is one downside that’s hard to find an easy solution to!

No one really cares about your holiday

Well, they do. But, after telling a few stories its not rare to see someones eyes glaze over as you are just getting warmed up with your most incredible stories. For me, this is the hardest one, as after being away for so long, its hard to not want to share your experiences. But for some, they don’t don’t ‘get it.’

What did you find the hardest after getting back? Comment below to share your thoughts…



3 responses to “Adjusting back ‘home’ after living abroad

  1. Boat Ho! Amazing blog. Just checked it out. Great tips!
    Courtney – one of your BFF’s (obvs) from Croatia 😉

  2. I just went through all of these last week! Just got home from Nicaragua and it’s always hard to sit and my desk and think something like “24-48 hours ago I was climbing a Volcano and today I’m filing papers.” adjusting to work again after is definitely the hardest

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