Find the devil in you: Livingstone’s Devil’s Pool

photo by Sarah Depper

There is nothing I regret from my time travelling through Africa, except maybe not experiencing The Devil’s Pool.

Livingstone is described as the adventure capital of Africa. You are spoilt for choice with an endless list of possible activities to spend you time and money on.

Options include white water rafting, lion walks, helicopter rides, sunset river cruises, abseiling, gorge swings, and bungee jumping, just to name a few.

This is the place to test your nerves, try something different, or take a leap of faith.

One of the activities I didn’t have the nerve to try at the time was The Devils Pools.

The cost is approx $US70 which includes your entrance fee into the falls (which is approx $US20). The price also includes a local guide who is an expert in where to stand while navigating your way across the fast rapids to the pool. I’ve been told the journey there is perhaps more nerve wracking than sitting at the pool itself, as you have to find your way through the slippery rocks, and rapid currents. If you happen to step in the wrong place, it may result in you going over the edge! (Yes, pretty scary indeed).

Once at the pool, you have the opportunity to lay on the pool’s edge, and get the perfect photo. As a “safety” precaution, the local guide will hold you feet to ensure you aren’t washed over the end.

If this is something that gets your adrenaline going, your palms sweating, and your heart racing in a good way, it’s time to add The Devil’s Pool to your bucket list.

**Above image taken by Sarah Depper and published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. For more photos by this artist click here.


3 responses to “Find the devil in you: Livingstone’s Devil’s Pool

  1. You have such a wonderful and interesting blog! I’m glad I stumbled across it this morning, thankfully I didn’t spill my coffee. 😉 The LDP looks phenomenal, I’ve never thought about it twice but now I am dying to go! Looking forward to more of your posts and please feel free to stop by my blog, Charms of a Gypsy, sometime.
    Best wishes from Berlin,

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