An insiders guide to Croatia’s best bars

Having spent 5 months working and partying as a tour guide on Croatia’s favourite islands, there’s many ‘must go’ places for anyone seeking a good time……

Here’s my pick of the must go bars that are sure to please even the fussiest traveller!

1. Hula Hula Bar, Hvar – Great for either some last afternoon drinks or a romantic place to watch the sunset, this place peaks at sundown as the views from the bar are the best on the island to watch the sun sink down over the water. Be sure to get there before 5 to there are still free day beds. After sunset, this place turns into an awesome party, with live dj sets.

2. Massimo’s Cocktail tower, Korcula – This is my favourite bar to sit and watch the sunset. Located on the water, and inside an old fort, you’ll need to climb a narrow ladder to get to this beautiful spot. Due to the  narrow entrance/exit the owners have found a clever way to deliver drinks to patrons = with a pulley up the side of the wall! A must do or anyone spending some time in Korcula.

3. Club Revelin, Dubrovnik – Built literally inside Dubrovnik’s ancient walls, this popular night spot offers a unique experience where you can party early into the morning. If low lighting, bartender fire shows, top 40 music and a spectacular light show are your idea of a good night, be sure to check this place out. Where else can you party inside an ancient fortress?

4. Mala Buza Bar, Dubrovnik. This secret bar, located on the rocks outside Dubrovnik’s wall is a great place to spend the day chilling out, swimming in the crystal blue water. It’s one of those bars that you’d never know existed without being told about it, as the entrance is a small door in the city’s ancient wall. Travellers usually stumble across it by accident when walking around the city. A lovely place to sit back, relax and unwind.

5. Kiva Bar, Hvar. Popular with backpackers, this is a really great place to meet fellow travellers and get a little crazy. Whether you’re dancing on the bar, drinking one of the many free shots, or attempting their notorious tequila slammer, this place is a great night out. Kiva bar will sure provide you with some hilarious stories to laugh over while nursing your hangover the next day!

7. Carpe Diem Beach Club, Hvar – If you’re lucky enough to be in Hvar during the busy summer months be sure to check out Carpe Diem’s after party island, which is a short boat ride from the main island. Kicking off at midnight, and set amongst the trees, and complete with constant rave beats, this experience can only be described as apocalypse meets new age hipster, but is a night to remember.

8. Deep, Makarska. This bar is literally located in a Cave, and is one of the most unusual and fun places in Croatia. Popular with Sail Croatia tourists hosting pirate parties, join in the shenanigans, find your best pirate outfit and come on down. If you get hot (and you will, it’s a cave, duh) why not have a swim, in the ocean just outside the entrance?

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One response to “An insiders guide to Croatia’s best bars

  1. Well that was more bars that existed 30 years ago when I was last there ,wish i was there now from the description !!!!

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