13 signs you’ve done a ‘Sail Croatia’ tour

1. You partook in a fashion contest using colourful plastic bags, and rocked your outfit all night.

2. When people ask if you’ve been to ‘that cave bar’ – you have an instant connection to that person and know they truly understand the euphoria of dancing sweaty, in a cave at Makarska.

3. You’ve played an awkward group game, where suddenly every one was on the ground and if you were the last on the floor you’d be penalised, with a shot (yay!).

4. You’ve done a ‘real’ tequila slammer at the Kiva Bar, in Hvar, while wearing a helmet and possibly getting up on the bar to dance to “I’m on a boat.”

5. Further to this….the song “I’m on a boat” was your anthem for the week.

5. You bought a 5 euro flotation device just to have for one week, cos hey, everyone else was doing it and it looked fun.

6. You are so over soup, and will never quite understand the Croatian obsession to eat it before every meal.

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7. You’ve climbed up a narrow and rickety ladder, possibly with a dress on, to get to the top of an old fort, in order to drink a cocktail and watch the sunset.

8. You don’t exactly remember the history and information that you’re tour guide gave you, but you sure remember the best bars from the week.

9. You’ve dressed up as a pirate [or sailor] with 30 of your new best friends.

10.  You almost missed the boat, because you wanted to stay for one more song/drink/dance but have an hilarious story to tell for it.

11. You tried grappa, (and one shot was more than enough to keep you away from their national drink for the rest of the week.)

12. There’s a photo of you jumping/backflipping from the roof off the boat, into the water.

13. When presented with your bar tab at the end of the week, you disputed the total – cos there’s no way you would have drank that much!!  (Ah, yes you did!)

Sail Croatia Korcula croatia Sunset Jumping off the boat Croatia Sailing


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