The best travel websites you need to know about.

Travel Websites

There’s no many great websites that provide advice, collate information, and serve to lesson the stress when it comes to travel planning. From finding the cheapest available flights to searching for somewhere to crash for the night – I’ve collated my favourite travel sites to help you along the way.


To get a rough estimate of flights, I always start with Skyscanner. This site is great because it collates all the available  flights on your selected date, so you can get an idea of what airlines fly that route, and the approximate costs they are charging.

Airbnb – the one stop shop for finding a great bed

Airbnb is one of those great new concepts (well, not so new now) that encourages people to rent an empty space in their home. This website gives you a range of accommodation choices from spare bedrooms in family homes to entire apartments. What’s great about this site is that it’s super easy to navigate, and you can refine your search settings by location, price, number of bedrooms required and desired dates.

Couchsurfing – share the love.       

This website epitomises the term ‘crashing on the couch.’ Based on the concept that many travellers want to meet locals, and save money on accommodation, couchsurfing is about offering up your couch to visitors passing through your neighbourhood. I trialled this concept in Nicaragua, and ended up meeting a great American expat who was happy to show me around town and recommend the best spots to eat and drink. What’s great about this too, is that user profiles rely on a ratings system, so you get to read their profile, and suss-out who you will be staying with before turning up on their doorstep.


Travel blocks are bigger than Ben Hur, but for a very good reason – they provide honest insight into many destinations and often recommend great places off the beaten track, not covered by larger travel guides. I’m loving Little Grey Box; Eat, Pray, Workout, and Bitten by the travel Bug at the moment –so be sure to check them out for some great travel ideas.

XE Currency Converter

Ok, so this isn’t a travel website – but will sure help you on your travels. Remember that time you were trying to work out your budget, and were trying to work out how much money you had left, but couldn’t get your head around the currency? This website provides live exchange rates, so you can enter in an amount, choose your currency and quickly find exactly how much you’ve got to work with before going on a spending spree!


My personal favourite for finding must see sights or new activities when on holiday. Whether you’re trying to find out the best restaurants, discover an amazing experience, or just get an idea of good sights in the area- tripadvisor has you covered. Before committing to any day tours with a domestic tour operator, I usually check the trip-adviser reviews – as I know my fellow travellers will provide honest reviews and accounts of a destination.


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  1. Aw, thanks for including me as one of the blogs you are enjoying at the moment. It means a lot. 🙂

    If you’re ever in Melbourne let me know. Would be great to catch up and swap stories!

    (BTW, I would love to go to Vietnam soon so your last few posts have been a good read for me! Might have to pick your brain soon!)

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