Byron Bay: Fill up for Free

Byron is famous for its beaches, great cafes and relaxed, chilled out vibe. With a plethora of shops and great restaurants, it can be hard choosing just one for a bite to eat. So why not try before you buy? Here are some recommendations for getting some free samples before choosing what to eat!

Orgasmic: Walk past the beach hotel (at the top of town) around lunchtime and you’re sure to pass a lovely lady with a tray of falafel balls with hummus dip! These are delicious and a great treat to tie you over while choosing what to eat! If you time it right, and put on a hat, I assume you if you walk past again 30 mins later, you’re sure to be offered another sample 😉

Slice Pizza: Nestled away from the main hub, Slice offers a range of interesting pizza combinations. The great thing about this shopfront is that they hire someone to hand out fresh, hot samples on the main street to entice you into their shop! Their Margarita is delicious!

Bella Rosa: Gelato tasting – yep, many places allow you to sample their flavours, but there aren’t too many people that take them up on this. Why not try a range of combinations before deciding which flavour you feel like. In the Pink, down the street a little, also had a great range of flavour – my favourite it their Hokey Pokey – it’s amazing!


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