The 20 People you meet abroad

Anyone who’s spent a few months travelling abroad would’ve come across a variety of colourful characters along the tourist trail. It seems there are definitely a few stereotypes when it comes to travelling, and for anyone who’s spent time backpacking through Europe, I’m sure you’ve met most of these characters:

1.The obnoxious Aussie

It’s a well known fact that Australians love to travel. It seems you can’t go anywhere without running to another Vegemite loving Aussie. But with huge exports of Aussie tourists, unfortunately this includes some painful ones – whose idea of ‘culture’ is sampling the beer at every pub in Prague. You’ll hear them a mile away, and then confirm their nationality when you spot their southern cross tattoo, proudly displayed under a bonds singlet.

2. The American on exchange.

I don’t know why, but every American I met, was on holidays whilst studying abroad in Italy. You can usually spot them cos (like obnoxious Aussies) they’ll be loud, and possibly wearing something with the American flag. Yes, they are very proud of their culture – I met someone at Pamplona, who instead of running in white like everyone else, opted for an American flag outfit, complete from head to toe.

3. The hippie convert.

This person is usually a privileged rich kid with a private school education, but has ventured abroad in pursuit of ‘finding himself.’ He/she will be wearing clothes that look like they found them in a  clothes bin, for want of experiencing what its like to just ‘be’ and go with the flow.

4. The grey nomad.

We’ve all met one. An older tourist, perhaps in their 50s or 60s who’s decided to leave their boring life behind to see the world and feel what its like to really live. They are wanting the true backpacker experience, so despite hostel age limits, will manage to find their way into your 20 bed hostel room. Totally harmless and usually lovely, the grey nomad is a common character in European hostels.

5. The patriot 

Similar to the obnoxious Aussie or American on exchange, they will always find a way to talk about how good it is back home. The enjoy the overseas experience, but proudly speak about their country at any opportunity.

6. The ultimate tourist

We’ve all met this guy. They’re the tourist who goes to the local market and buys EVERYTHING. And then wears it. ALL of it. They’ll stick out like a sore thumb because they are virtually a asking advertisement for the local market, complete with rainbow knitted jumpers, fisherman’s pants, headbands, scarfs and beanies.

7. The sunburnt pom.

It’s unfortunate but widely accepted that the English aren’t renowned for their ability to get a healthy tan. You’ll be able to spot this person as they’ll be bright red and sun baking on the beach – determined to get their beach time, despite running out of sunscreen.

8. The boys on tour

They’ll either be on an end of season footy trip or a bucks party, but whatever the occasion will stick out because they walk around in a group of 20. They’ll be loud, a little over edited and keen for a big weekend with ‘the boys.’

9. The ‘volunteers’

The volun-tourists who have found a way to travel and donate their time towards a good cause.

10. The joker.

This person is super friendly and usually hangs around the hostel floating between groups, making everyone feel welcome and happy. He’s your new best friend, and the person you want to hang out with because he’ll always find a way to make the most boring experience funny.

11. The liability.

This person is the disorganised girl who has her belongings scattered around the hostel room, trying frantically to find her passport because her bus is leaving in 30 minutes. She’s the person, who is always up for a good time, but her sense of adventure can often lead her into trouble. She’s broken arms, been to the hospital, and missed the plane because she was too busy having a good time,  but will take home a plethora of crazy stories from amazing experiences abroad.

12. The adrenalin addict.

This person is constantly seeking the next adventure, not being content to have a ‘down day’ lazing by the pool. They’ll be chasing bungee jumping experiences; try and talk you into a tandem sky dive; or take a risky travel option just to get the adrenalin going.

13. The know it all (Ultimate competitor)

If you’ve been to 13 countries, they’ve been to 14. If you can speak another language, they can speak an extra three. Everything is constantly a competition with them – its exhausting.

14. The gap year girl/guy

This guy/girl has let loose and it partying their way around Europe.

15. The serial Instagrammer

This guy loves a good time, but not as much as he loves getting more followers with his amazing photos. Europe has done serious things for his Instagram cred, so he’s obsessed with spending his time in pursuit of great photos that are sure to get a lot of likes.

16. The fitness freak

This person is totally addicted to their fitness regime, and won’t let anything interfere with their daily run and workout. They’ll even get up after a big night out, just to make sure they are staying active and healthy.

17. The uber organiser 

This person has their whole trip planned out, complete with a plaster folder of tickets, maps and hotel booking printouts. Their trip is totally structured and planned to the minute, because they love the feeling of knowing everything is sorted and should run without any hiccups.

18. The couch server

Surfing their way from couch to couch, to save a bit of cash for more valuable experiences.

19. The learning musician.

We’ve all met this guy. He carries a guitar around to look uber chic, but rarely gets it out to play. When he does eventually get it out of the case, he is quick to deny any song requests, because he’s still learning and only knows a few songs so far.

20. The young honeymooners

They are young and loved up, but still want that backpacker experience, so will frequent the popular hostels. They want their own space, so will be staying in a private room, but are still looking to make friends and party with 20 instant best friends found in a hostel environment.

So who have you met along your travels?


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  1. Yes this is it, I an now grey but not a NOMAD ,it’s everything as it is ,we only have to make a path between the groups!

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