Volcano boarding: You want to try something random?

As a backpacker, especially in Europe, there is no shortage of experiences to keep you occupied. But after a while, I feel your options can become limited, as you see the same old options offered against a different backdrop (and this can become a little repetitive.)

During my time in Central America, I discovered a whole new style of thrills. It’s cheap, will get your adrenaline bumping and is a little different from other standard tourist offerings.

Volcano Boarding!

Yep, that’s correct. This is actually something you can do (and will only set you back about USD$25 for a day trip!) During my stay in Leon, Nicaragua, I heard about this craze, and was intrigued to get on board this crazy, yet wildly exciting experience.

Basically, you trek up an active volcano, check out the smoke steaming out the top, get suited up  in you ‘armour’ (which basically consists of a fluro onesie), mount your board, then fly off along the small black pumise stones, trying to get the speed record of the group!

Here are some of  my photos from the experience and the video made by my partner Mitch.


Doesn’t smell that great!

Nicaragua, Leon, Volcano, adventure

Getting ready to go

Central America, adventure, Leon

Volcano boarding, Nicaragua,

adventure, adrenaline, volcano boarding

Volcano boarding, Nicaragua

Volcano, Nicaragua

The mineral colour variation

Leon, Nicaragua

The amazing view

Nicaragua, Volcano

My awesome onesie


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