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Ever wanted to quit your job, leave everything behind and travel the world on a one way ticket?

Brisbane couple Austin and Kyra did exactly that, leaving everything they knew to go out and explore the world. With no return date holding them back, they set out see and experience everything this globe has to offer.

Their blog Wayward and Weary is a stunning visual display of photography, thoughts, travel tips and guides, and documents their adventure as they experience each new country.

Curious about their trip so far, jealous of their amazing photography and interested in their travel ethos, I asked them about their trip so far and what its’ really like travelling as a couple.

Q: Is your style of travel organised and planned out, or spontaneous and go with the flow?

A: It’s a bit of both really. When there are Schengen days to worry about, or certain trains to catch we organise things. For some countries we have to book accommodation and transport in advance for logistical and financial reasons, but generally once we arrive somewhere we just go with the flow and let the city show us what it will.

Q: What is it like travelling as a couple? Is your experience different from other solo travel you have both done?

A: Travelling as a couple is great! Having someone to share your experiences with is half the fun. For us, travelling as a couple is perfect because we have very similar travel styles, tastes and ideas of adventure. It helps of course, that we really enjoy each other’s company! For us, the main difference between travelling solo and as a couple is that we have someone to share our frustration, our awe and our excitement with. It makes feeling homesick a lot easier when you have your partner with you and it means that you can spend more time living in the moment than thinking about those you miss at home.

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Q: Is there a lot of compromise involved when deciding where to go?

A: Weirdly enough, there is actually very little need for compromise in our plans. We both often want to see the same things, or if we want different things we just do both. In terms of budget/ visas/ time etc. there is often a bit of strategy involved but no real compromise. If we want something enough, we generally make it happen.

Q: What was the motivation for starting your blog?

A: Our initial motivation was somewhere to keep our friends and family informed and involved in our trip. We also needed somewhere to share our photography and act as a bit of a creative outlet for us whilst we were on the road.


Q: Does the blog influence where you go?

A: It doesn’t really influence us in any direct way.  I suppose it encourages us to go to beautiful places to take beautiful pictures but I think we are both inclined towards beautiful places anyway.

Q: What’s the one thing travelling has taught you both?

A: It has taught us what style and pace of travel we most enjoy. We know now that we much prefer being somewhere that we can see nature and that we can only spend so much time inside a city before we get itchy feet. We have to be able to take it slow and have days where we can unwind and not feel like we’re constantly on the move.

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