8 reasons to consider a staycation

Melbourne, weekend away

While it’s great to jet off on a tropical getaway to the other side of the world, not everyone has the time or money to do so. Recently I’ve been considering a staycation, and believe a night or two away just a few hundred metres or kilometres down the road definitely has some benefits.

1. Less travel time

While going on an overseas holiday is always exciting, if you are time poor, it can mean you have to sacrifice a day of travel each way. The perks of a staycation mean you can be there in minutes, meaning more time for relaxing and enjoying the experience.

2. Act like a tourist

There are so many places and attractions in the city that I never get the opportunity to see or experience. By consciously deciding to have a staycation, you can act like a tourist in your own stomping ground, and finally do the things you’ve been putting off for another time. Visit the free museums, check out a new market, or discover a new suburb – your options are endless!

3. Discover hidden gems

New places to eat and drink are forever popping up around the city, but if you’re like me, you tend to stick to the favourites. A staycation is the perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone and try new places you wouldn’t normally go – and hey, you might just find some awesome new haunts.

4. Cost effective

Cost of a plane ticket verse the price of fuel to drive down the road? It’s a no brainer right? And with awesome sites last Wotif, AirBNB, and lastminute.com there’s some great bargains to be had!

5. Forced relaxation

While some may sneer at the suggestion of sleeping down the road instead of at home, being away from everyday interruptions can be very relaxing. It is a lot easier to relax in a clean fresh apartment than at home, where you could be tempted to do the washing, clean the house or get on top of that paperwork that’s been piling up. By avoiding distractions, you are forced to sit back and unwind.

6. Spontaneity – less time planning

Let’s face it. Planning an overseas adventure takes planning. Even if you’re the ‘let’s just wing it type,’ you’ll still have to sort the basics. The great thing about a staycation is that you can choose to do it at the last minute and won’t have to worry about important logistics and preparation!

7. A new perspective

Living in a city, you tend to stick to a routine and forget there can be amazing experiences you’re missing out on. A few days away in a new place can make you appreciate all the things you love about the city and reignite your love of a place.

8. You forgot something? No worries

If you forgot a crucial staple, don’t sweat it! If it’s that important and you need to have it while away, you’re only a short ride down the road away, so going back for somethings isn’t a big deal.


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