The perfect place for date night….


Last night it was Mitch and my anniversary, so I was given the task of deciding where to go for dinner.

What seemed a simple task quickly become overwhelming, as tempting recommendations from The Urban List and The Weekend Edition made it hard to decide which place to choose.

Encouraged by the menu at Che Asado & Bar in Southbank, I decided it looked like a winner.

The restaurant is inspired by traditional Argentinian barbeque cooking, known as Asado, so braced with fond memories of the tender Argentinian steaks we enjoyed while in South America, I felt it was worth a try.

To be clear….The food was amazing!

The vibe is warm and friendly, service is efficient (but not in that awkward in-your-face way), and the place was packed on a Wednesday night – all good signs for a newcomer to the place.

Amazingly, they were offering a $55 dinner deal which included a starter, main and a bottle of wine for two. Convinced they meant $55 per person, but not too fussed either way, we went with the special as it sounded too good to pass up!

The entree of Chipa (house baked three cheese bread) with chimichurri and warm Mount Zero olives was a delicious start and fuelled our confidence for the main.

For the wine, we were offered a choice of Tempranillo or Sauvignon Blanc and were delighted with our drop of red!

The main included:

And boy, oh boy was it good!

Even the chips were to die for. I found myself greedily hoeing into them before realising I should focus on the meat before it went cold!


There was so much food that we left VERY full. Despite trying to finish everything, we couldn’t do so as the portion sizes were very generous.

When it came time to pay, I was amazed to hear we had heard them correctly and that it was $55 (total) for the whole thing! I discovered this is a special offered for patrons seated between 5-7pm Sunday to Thursday.

Located on Little Stanley Street, this is the perfect place to chill out, enjoy delicious wine and great flavours. I promise you’ll be forced to undo your zipper in order to fit everything in (not the worst problem to have though, right?)

I am so glad we came across this place and highly recommend it to anyone seeking an Argentinian feast like no other. They have several outdoor heaters dotted around the place so it’s nice and cosy on chilly nights.

Take a friend, make it a date, or go with a group – you won’t be disappointed.


*Copyright: Photos in this post are the intellectual property of Che Asado, Southbank and cannot be used, modified or reproduced without permission from the owner.


One response to “The perfect place for date night….

  1. Having been skiing in Argentina 6 years ago and having first hand the Argentinian BBQ experience I thought your blog was enlightening. What most travellers to Argentina don’t realise is that when they do the Argo BBQ they offer you the “arse of the beast” before they offer you the “eye of fillet”. You have to “hold back “and wait for the premium cuts to be offered usually as the last dish. This takes some patience ,especially after a hard day skiing when you are SO hungry,but wait and do the top end usually one hour later ! It’s worth it .

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