Hi I’m Bo, and welcome to my blog.

I find this section a bit awkward, and am not totally into self promotion, so I guess i’ll just tell you about my passion for travel and how the idea of this blog came about.

I guess it all started when I was 19. Having grown up with a father who spent a good 10 years of his youth exploring the globe and living abroad, my childhood consisted of stories of ‘this one time in Turkey,’ ‘this is my friend from Austria,’ and the most common one ‘wait a sec, i’ll show you a photo.’ (Dad always seemed to work this last phrase into any standard conversation, which would be followed by dad rummaging through old photo albums until he found the photo that matched the story he was telling.)

I guess this frequent, and not so subtle reference to the benefits of travelling, instilled in me a  desire to see the world, and a curiosity for the picturesque places that filled my childhood stories.

So, where was I, ok yes, I was 19.

While ‘the plan’ was to explore Europe with my boyfriend of 6 years, as you know, life doesn’t always go to plan. A hasty last minute decision to break free of the life I knew and just board that plane alone, meant there was nothing stopping me from exploring, embracing, experiencing and making the most of travelling alone.

With a one way ticket, I boarded the plane, arrived in London, and along the way learnt a hell of a lot about myself, people, places and what it means to really travel.

What did I learn? Check out my stories to find out!


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